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Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) Before & After Photo Gallery

Reasons For Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty or Mammaplasty)

Breast Reduction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Common reasons for Reduction Mammoplasty are: pain in the breasts, neck, back and shoulders, as well as shoulder rutting and chronic rash formation under the breasts. It is a safe and effective procedure with very high patient satisfaction. The ability to wear a wider variety of clothing is also a bonus.

A Breast Lift is always performed as part of the Breast Reduction because reducing the volume without a Mastopexy would lead to deflated, sagging empty breasts. After reducing the breast volume, a Breast Lift is used to tighten the skin, shape the breast mounds and elevate the nipples. An Areola Reduction is almost always performed in conjunction with a breast reduction, as this allows for a more proportionate and aesthetic relationship. The preoperatively enlarged areolae would usually look too large on the smaller postoperative breast mounds.

Breast Reduction is less common than Breast Augmentation and rarely requires a breast implant. Occasionally, for large breasts that are paradoxically empty in the upper half, a low profile implant is used to provide upper pole fullness. A small flat breast implant is added to provide contour and volume for the upper aspect of the breast, rather than to enlarge cup size.

There are several ways to do Breast Reduction, and the type of reduction depends on the size and shape of breasts being reduced. Most reductions utilize an anchor incision; however, smaller reductions may be possible with a vertical lift scar. For long, narrow breasts, the vertical scar can be eliminated. Very small reductions may be possible with a periareolar incision, but this is uncommon in the U.S.. Below, you can view examples of Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures along with a brief discussion of each case. Additional details about Breast Reductions can be found on our Breast Reduction Page.

Breast Reductions may qualify for insurance coverage; be certain to check if your insurance covers the procedure and what conditions apply.

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)
Before and After Photos

Above, is a gallery of Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures. These are of actual patients who have had their plastic surgery by Dr. Joseph Mele, MD, FACS, at our San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgery center. While our Reduction Mammoplasty Before and After Photos were selected to demonstrate what is possible with this plastic surgery procedure, individual results will vary.

What To Look For In Breast Reduction Before And After Photos

What can a Breast Reduction do for you? It reduces the size and, more importantly, the weight of the breasts, often significantly reducing the symptoms associated with larger breasts. It also lifts the breasts, raises the nipple on the breast mound and reduces the size of the areolae. Below are selected Reduction Mammaplasty Before and After Photos that demonstrate actual results.

Breast Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 1 - No Vertical Scar Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos: The primary goal of Breast Reduction is to relieve the symptoms associated with large, heavy breasts and restore breast proportions. This is an unusual case in that no vertical scar was made for the procedure. Her breasts are enlarged with the majority of the breast volume "bottomed-out," and the upper poles are flat. She complained about pain in her breasts, lower neck and upper back.

Reduction Mammaplasty Before and After Photos

Before: This patient was unhappy with the size of her breasts and the symptoms they caused her. She was also unhappy with the left breast being larger than the right breast. Her large breasts made her look heavier and prevented her from wearing certain clothes. The front view above shows the pendulous nature of her asymmetrical breasts, enlarged areolae and uneven nipples.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

After: The side view above shows the reduction in volume and areolar size, as well as the elevation of the breast mound and nipple. The breast no longer overhangs the inframammary fold (IMF). The incisions for this breast lift were placed around the areolae and in the IMFs.

Reduction Mammaplasty Before & After Pictures
Case 2 - Inferior Pedicle Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos: This case depicts correction of Gigantomastia, one of the most difficult Breast Reductions. Her breasts extend to her waist, and her nipples are a foot below the inframammary fold (IMF). Finding a bra that fits comfortably was impossible and clothing did not fit well. She had incessant neck and back pain. Her bra strap dug into her shoulders, leaving permanent ruts. The skin beneath the breasts remains moist, especially in the summer months, leading to a chronic rash and recurrent skin infections.

Before: The patient's breasts were extremely redundant. The weight of the breast torqued her neck and back, which led to chronic pain and disability. She had difficulty finding clothing that fit comfortably and was unable to participate in many physical activities due to the size of her breasts and the pain that they caused.

After: The breasts were reduced and the skin tailored to match their new size. The nipples were elevated and the areolae were reduced. The after picture above is just a few months after surgery. The scars will lighten as they continue to heal.

The difficulty of this type of Breast Reduction is proportional to the distance the nipple needs to be raised. The blood supply and nerve to the nipple is contained in the inferior pedicle, and the longer the distance between the nipple and the IMF, the longer the inferior pedicle. When the nipple is elevated, the longer inferior pedicle can kink and block blood flow to the nipple, causing loss of the nipple. For this reason, sometimes the inferior pedicle technique needs to be converted to a free nipple graft. While this preserves the nipple and areolae, it also causes loss of nipple sensation.

Breast Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 3 - Shape Matters

Reduction Mammaplasty Before and After Photos

Reduction Mammaplasty Before and After Photos: Improvements in both aesthetics and symptoms are possible with Breast Reduction Surgery. Tightening the skin lifts and shapes the breasts, while reducing the breast volume relieves the symptoms associated with heavy breasts.

Before: In the case above, she complained of the usual symptoms of macromastia (large breasts). Her breasts were low and the weight of the breasts caused them to overhang the IMF. The nipples were located on the underside of the breast mound. On the other hand, if she was asymptomatic and the size of the breasts was acceptable to her, a Breast Lift would have been the procedure of choice.

After: Breast Reduction Surgery always includes a Breast Lift. After the excess breast tissue is removed, a lift is used to raise the breasts and position the nipples higher on the new smaller breast mound. Not only were her symptoms relieved, but she was also more comfortable with the size and shape of her breasts. In this case, an anchor scar and inferior pedicle technique was the best option for achieving the result above.

Reduction Mammoplasty Before & After Pictures
Case 4 - Asymmetrical Reduction Mammaplasty

Asymmetrical Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos: Sometimes the size, proportions and symmetry of the breasts all need to be addressed when performing Reduction Mammoplasty. This patient's breasts increased a cup size with each pregnancy. Before surgery, she complained of neck pain, back pain and breast asymmetry that made finding a bra impossible.

Before: Her right breast was two cup sizes larger than her left breast. The breasts were low and pendulous, and her areolae were hypertrophic and stretched after multiple pregnancies.

After: Both breasts were reduced, the right side more than the left. The areolae were reduced to a better proportion for her smaller breasts, and the breasts and areolae were made more symmetrical. Her neck and back pain was relieved, and the rashes and recurrent infections beneath her breasts resolved. The ease of buying comfortable bras and better fitting clothes was an added bonus.

Breast Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 5 - Size Matters

Reduction Mammaplasty Before and After Photos

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos: Sometimes the proportions of the breast are fine, but the size is too large and bothersome. Neck pain, back pain and shoulder rutting are all consequences of large, heavy breasts. This patient was happy with the aesthetics of her breasts. However, they caused discomfort and made her feel top heavy. She wanted to improve the proportion of her breasts compared to the rest of her body.

Before: This patient was happy with the shape of her breasts but not the discomfort that they caused. Her Breast Reduction was customized to maintain her proportions but reduce the overall breast size, thus reducing her discomfort.

After: Her postoperative breasts look like her preoperative breasts, just smaller. She kept her perky proportions and lost the pain associated with the larger version of herself.

Reduction Mammaplasty Before & After Pictures
Case 6 - Gigantomastia

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Massive Breast Reduction Before and After Photos: The medical term for larger breasts is Macromastia. The largest cases of macromastia are termed Gigantomastia. This patient had obvious shoulder rutting from her bra, which was necessary to support her massive breasts. She complained of neck and back pain and a constant battle with rash formation beneath her redundant breasts.

Before: This patient was unhappy with her appearance and the discomfort caused by her very large and heavy breasts. Her left breast was larger than her right one, and her nipples were at the same level as her umbilicus (belly button).

After: This Breast Reduction included removal of the majority of the redundant breast tissue, removal of more tissue from her left breast, reduction of the areolae, elevation of the nipples and meticulous closure of the incisions to provide the best possible scars. She has an anchor incision running around the areolae, down the front of the breasts and along the inframammary folds (IMFs).

More Breast Reduction Information

Schedule a personal and private consultation appointment for Breast Reduction by calling our Walnut Creek Breast Reduction clinic at (925) 943-6353. More information about Reduction Mammoplasty is available on our comprehensive Breast Reduction Page.

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