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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

breast lift modelAging, pregnancy and weight loss can all have a negative impact on the appearance of the breasts. These are just a few factors that cause the breasts to sag, soften and even lose volume.

Women at our San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgery office, in Walnut Creek, choose to undergo breast lift surgery for a variety of personal reasons. Breast lift can help you feel more confident in your appearance and improve self-esteem. In fact, many women elect to combine their breast lift procedure with breast implants to further augment their results. If you would like a fuller, more rounded bust line, Dr. Joseph Mele may recommend breast lift surgery or an augmentation mastopexy (breast lift with a breast implant) at our Walnut Creek office in the San Francisco East Bay Area. During your personalized consultation, Dr. Mele will make recommendations following an in-depth review of your goals and expectations.

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The Breast Lift Procedure

During your breast lift procedure, Dr. Mele will remove excess skin from the lower portion of your breast to contour and lift the breast. The type of incision will depend on how much lifting is needed. Incisions may be confined to a small, circular incision around the areola when a little lift is needed, an anchor shaped incision on the lower breast to provide maximum lifting, or something in between. Excess skin and tissue is removed, while the deep dermis is preserved to act as internal support. The remaining tissue is lifted and tightened. The nipples and areola are often repositioned higher, on the front of the breasts. Nipples are not usually removed, but stay attached to the breast tissue to maintain sensation.

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Types of Breast Lifts

There many different breast lift procedures. Some have small scars, and can lift a small amount. Others can reposition the entire breast, and require longer incisions. Here is a list of the five most frequently performed breast lift procedure:

Crescent Lift

  • Crescent Mastopexy: The crescent breast lift is performed by making an incision around the top of the areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple). This lift is more a nipple lift than a true breast lift. It is good for moving the nipple small amounts. Trying to move the nipple too far will lead to a distorted shape. The breast tissue cannot be lifted with a crescent lift.

PeriAreolar Lift

  • PeriAreolar Mastopexy: The periareolar breast lift involves an incision is made around the areola, and allows for one to two centimeters of lifting. This lift is often performed with a breast augmentation in cases where there is borderline ptosis (sagging), or without a breast implant for areola reduction with or without tubular breast deformity.

Vertical Lift

  • Vertical Mastopexy, Lollipop Lift: The vertical breast lift adds a vertical scar to a periareolar lift above. It is a variation on the Inverted-T technique listed below, but without the IMF scar (in the fold under the breast). The vertical breast can truly lift the breast and can push the nipple further up on the breast mound.

Horizontal Lift

  • Horizontal Mastopexy: The horizontal breast lift adds a horizontal inframammary fold (IMF) scar to the periareolar lift. The horizontal mastopexy is one of the least commonly used breast lifts. It requires a long narrow breast. It is a variation on the inverted-t technique that is absent the vertical scar. To avoid the vertical scar, the nipple needs to be more than 7 centimeters lower than the final, desired placement. This horizontal breast lift works best for long, narrow breasts. The IMF scar is usually well hidden in the curve at the base of the breast.

Inverted-T Lift, Anchor Lift, Keyhole Lift

  • Anchor Mastopexy, Inverted-T Mastopexy, Keyhole Mastopexy: The anchor breast lift is one of the most frequently performed breast lifts, and is the gold standard to which all other lifts are compared. It is a versatile breast lift that can provide an improved breast shape, for even when the most severely overstretched or deflated breasts. Lifts do not add volume, so if you desire a larger breast, a breast implant can be used with the lift to boost the cup size at the same time.

Breast Lift With Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mastopexy)

Breast lifts can be combined with breast augmentation when it is desirable to both add volume and lift the breast. The breast lift helps shape the breast and position the nipple, while the breast augmentation adds missing volume. Alternatively, if the breasts are too large, a Breast Reduction is performed.

Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos (Augmentation Mastopexy)

Schedule a Breast Lift Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about our San Francisco area office and breast lift surgery, please contact our San Francisco Bay Area Cosmetic Surgery office in Walnut Creek, California today.

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