Below are a sampling of recent patient reviews. More are available for your review on our San Francisco Breast Enhancement site. These are actual testimonials and not paid endorsements. We send a big Thank-You out to these and all our patients. It is a privilege to help with all your cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery needs.

If you want great care, service and medical expertise go to Dr. Mele. He is easy to talk to, will answer all your questions. He will tell you what to expect before surgery. Had the full mommy makeover few weeks ago and have been happy with my great results. I love his natural results approach.

Dr. Mele and his staff are all professional and friendly. He has been KRON 4's guest speaker several times and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Highly recommended!!!


Dr. Mele and his staff are fantastic. It was my first time having any type of plastic surgery and I was initially a bit apprehensive. I had a complete face lift and could not be happier with the results. Dr. Mele is a great surgeon with great after care. His staff is kind and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend Dr. Mele.


Where do I begin? Dr. Mele has been my surgeon for 12 years & I keep going back to him because he is simply the best! I've also sent friends & family members to him & the results speak for themselves. Not only is Dr. Mele one of the finest plastic surgeons around, he also has a bedside manner that you just won't find today. Dr. Mele takes time to listen, explain & let you ask questions until you are satisfied 100%. He is one of the most ethical Dr's as well, and will be honest with you (some people just want the answer they want to hear) he manages to do this with tact, decorum & class, one will not be disappointed with Dr. Mele, he is simply the best around! I was sent to him by a dermatologist who didn't want to touch my face (as I was working as a professional model at the time) Dr. Mele removed a mole without a trace of a scar & I've been hooked ever since. If you want the best, Dr. Mele is the ticket!!


Over the last ten years, I have had multiple surgical procedures performed by Dr. Mele. I consider him a surgical artist with talents beyond reproach. He is always honest, explains every aspect of the procedures (which includes downtime, expected discomfort, and recovery), and a true gentlemen. For anyone seeking surgical talent in the Bay Area, Dr. Mele is on the top of the list.PK


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Mele. Dr. Mele is very professional and made me feel very comfortable through the whole process. He is very thorough and takes his time explaining all the details of the procedures. His staff was very welcoming and I never once felt that I was rushed during the whole process. I strongly recommend using Dr. Mele and having nothing but positive things to say about my experience with his firm and staff.


Dr. Mele is an excellent surgeon who really cares about his patients. The staff are all so nice and I am very happy with my results.


I had been patient for many years with my excess skin due to two pregnancies and weight gain. After years of searching online, looking at before and after photos, and researching Doctors, I decided to broaden my search to an hour away from home to find Dr. Mele. And I'm so thankful I did. I had a full tummy tuck and lipo of flanks and back by Dr. Mele. I'm very happy with my results.

I now have a flat tummy, cute belly button, very low thin incision, a small waist from both front and back. I highly recommend Dr. Mele. He is very kind, caring, informative, listens carefully to his patients, experienced, Board Certified, and produces impressive awesome results. His office personnel are sweet, helpful, and professional making my entire plastic surgery experience a very positive one.


I couldn't be happier with the work Dr. Mele and his staff did. The results of the surgery I had are amazing. The whole process has been excellent. Starting from the consultation visit, surgery and all the post op appointments, he listened to all my concerns & questions and answered them thoroughly. I would definitely recommend Dr Mele and his staff to my friends and family!!


Dr Mele is a compationate and gifted surgeon with the best bedside manner of any doctor I've ever had. I always feel extremely welcome and never rushed with my office visits and have even my slightest concerns addressed as if I was his only patient. My physical results exceeded my expectations!!! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled, respected and lovely surgeon.


My mom had heard about Dr. Mele through mutual friends and heard nothing but good things from them. My mom and I decided to check him out and scheduled a meeting. I went to Dr. Mele in hopes of getting a breast reduction, I was only 18. I was sore nervous to have to undress in front of a man I didn't know but Dr. Mele has such a way of making you feel comfortable. I was also nervous for my first surgery ever but Dr. Mele answered every question possible and I had never felt more ready.

Dr. Mele's staff is also so warm and welcoming, they knew me by name the second time I came in. My surgery was a year ago this month and I have never been more happy with how I've looked and felt. If I ever think of another surgery that he has under his belt then I will definitely come back. I love Dr. Mele, I highly recommend coming in to meet him, you won't want anybody else to do your surgery.


Dr. Mele is FANTASTIC!! I commute 6 hours to see him because he is THE BEST!! I have had 4 children resulting in Diastasis Recti and Dr. Mele was expert in repairing my body with a Mini Abdominoplasty procedure. I have had no complications with the surgery or the recovery and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Not only is he an expert, he is very kind and has a wonderful bedside manner. I will forever be grateful to have had him as my plastic surgeon!


Dr. Mele is exceptionally professional and his work is amazing. I have had one minor and one major procedure done, and in each case, I felt as if I was completely informed throughout each step of the process. His work is incredible and I'm thrilled with the results. It is intimidating to have plastic surgery, yet he made me feel at ease, discussed my options thoroughly and I was prepared to make the best decision for my lifestyle. You absolutely could not ask for a better surgeon.


Dr. Mele did otoplasty for me in June 2016. I wanted to wait for a year or two before writing this review, to make sure there are no complications after the procedure, and I feel confident writing this review now.

I highly recommend Dr. Mele for otoplasty! I like the results, my ears do not protrude now, and everything looks very natural.

I interviewed with another high-rated surgeon in Palo Alto area, but somehow I didn't feel confident doing this procedure at that office. I already scheduled pre-op appointment in Palo Alto, but decided not to proceed after the pre-op appt., because I felt very worried, despite that doctor's high qualifications. So I searched for other surgeons and found Dr. Mele.

From the first meeting, I felt confident choosing Dr. Mele for this procedure. He is very smart and knowledgeable, and has many years of experience. I also felt like he cares about his patients. I asked a lot of questions, and he explained all of the information related to this procedure and I felt confident with choosing him.

After the surgery, I felt pain the night after the surgery, so I had to take some painkillers. I felt tolerable pain for two or three days after that, but I didn't need any painkillers. My ears were sensitive for months after the procedure, but as I understand it is normal. Right now everything feels just like before the procedure.

Overall, I am glad I decided to do otoplasty, and I am happy that I chose Dr. Mele. I feel like he did a great job, and I like how my ears look now. I was looking at other surgeons before and after photos for otoplasty, and not all of the results look great, in my opinion. I think a doctor needs to have a vision and be an artist, and Dr. Mele has that. I feel more confident now, because I don't have to worry about my ears anymore. I am very thankful to Dr. Mele for the results!

P.S. The staff at his office are very nice and helpful! They also respond to phone calls and emails promptly, which was very important for me.


Dr. Mele is the first plastic surgeon I've been to and I couldn't ask for a better experience. From consultation, to planning, to the surgery and even in post recovery, rest assured that he will be there every step of the way.

I am a male and had gynecomastia. The breast tissue would periodically swell with minor discomfort. There are times that I would lactate. I decided that I wanted to get the breast tissue removed and consulted with Dr. Mele.

It's been a year out and I can barely tell that I even had surgery. The incisions I had were so well placed, that even in the light, I can barely see a scar.


I am very happy with the work Dr. Mele, did on my breast years ago after having children. They still look beautiful! I have had them in 18 years without any problem and they look very natural still.


Words cannot express the wonderful and life-changing experience I had with Dr. Mele. His team and him are amazing. I talked to several surgeons before deciding to go with Dr. Mele. I found comfort in his calm demeanor and kindness and willingness to help me reach my goal.

I chose to have a tummy tuck and lipo procedure done after losing 85 pounds on my own. With the help of Dr. Mele, I discovered I have a waist and truly feel comfortable showing off my body. I worked hard and now my body matches how I feel. Dr. Mele was able to remove 7 lbs of skin; the recovery went well. I took 3 weeks off work and was able to go back. I experienced pain but it was bearable. He made sure I was feeling well, and had multiple follow-ups to ensure the healing process was going well. It's been 1 year since the surgery and the scar is healed nicely.

I would recommend Dr. Mele and his staff 100000000%! Thank you for giving me the tummy I knew I had under all that skin! Truly amazed and grateful for the experience.


Dr. Mele is literally a plastic surgeon ninja! I've seen him twice (once 10 years ago and another just recently) and would HIGHLY recommend going to him if you're looking to enhance, correct or perfect your body. He takes the time to walk you through your procedure and is extremely compassionate and caring throughout the process. He is a true artist and I wouldn't trust any other plastic surgeon in the Bay Area.


I am a new person after going through gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Mele and his team. Being that I am only 23 years old and have had it since middle school, I was uncomfortable taking my shirt off and being able to wear clothes that I really wanted due to worrying about being made fun of. I knew that it was expensive but after two years of working out and gaining a lot of muscle, I still didn't feel confident and decided it was time to save up and get this procedure done.

After reviewing a few doctors around the bay area, I decided to go see Dr. Mele in Walnut Creek. He had lots of great pictures on his website and lots of great reviews. After meeting him at my consultation I was confident he was the right doctor for me. He not only gave me a lot of information and more examples, he does these procedures regularly which made me more comfortable. Very humble, professional, and funny doctor.

The procedure only took about an hour. I felt no pain at all during the surgery. I had to wear a fitted vest for about three weeks for the swelling to stay down. The only time I felt pain was the same night of the surgery. Took a few advils and went to bed. Never again did I need pain killers after that. My case wasn't so bad. I didn't have enlarged breasts, it was more "puffy nipples."

It has now been 2 1/2 months and it looks like nothing ever happened. I can take my shirt off anywhere I go and don't have to worry about trying to hide my chest. I can wear any shirt I want, and feel a million times more confident in the way I look. If you are wondering whether it is worth the money, IT IS!


Dr. Mele has made me feel complete! I had inverted nipple surgery under local anesthetic, and we had great conversation as I watched him make magic happen. I feel amazing and love my new breasts!!!!


I went to see Dr. Mele because he did my mom's Tummy Tuck and she looks great. After I went to my consultation with him, I knew he was the one lol! He was very nice, compassionate and was very thorough. He was relateable. I felt safe, and that's important to me. I have never been under anesthesia ever and that makes me nervous along with many other things, but he made me feel at ease. My husband got very good vibes from him too. To compare him I went to see another highly recommended PS. He was a nice doctor, but I hardly got to talk. He went straight into his background and about himself. He just made me feel uneasy and made me feel like I was just another body. Regardless of how well his work turned out, I wanted the whole package in the surgeon I picked, and Dr Mele sure proved that to me. I'm excited and anxious/nervous at the same time but then I feel at ease that I picked him as my surgeon and would recommend him to anyone.


Dr. Mele is an excellent doctor & a honest, trustworthy, supportive, understanding & kind person. From the very beginning I got a really good vibe from him. Though the procedure was more than what I really wanted to pay, I would do it again with him as my doctor.

The quality of care is amazing. It means a lot to me to be able to ask questions and have someone explain it to me and not treat me like a nuisance or like they don't have time for me.


I rate Dr. Mele and his office 5 stars because they deserve it. I researched many Doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. I had consultations with 5 different Doctors and got 5 different answers. I was confused to say least. I knew my breast augmentation revision was not a walk in the park.

I found Dr. Mele to be very kind. He took the time to explain things to me. I did not feel like a number. He gave me suggestions (not just one), and never said,"This is how its going to be done, or not at all," like some of the others did. I feel like he really gave some thought to my situation.

I am very happy with the outcome and I think he did a spectacular job. The pros of my experience with Dr. Mele and his office is positive. He is very nice and caring. A really good man. Also, his office staff is superb.


I had a good feeling about Dr. Mele from the start. While he is definitely a respectable surgeon (double board certified), he has a kind and gentle demeanor with no attitude. He seemed a trustworthy and understanding person, which was an important addition to his accolades.

He was also one of the few in the area who had plenty of before/after photos of explants easy to find online. He and his staff answered all of my questions in person, via phone and email--and there were several! I felt that my concerns were heard and responded to well.

I am two days post-op and could not be happier with my results already. I highly recommend Dr. Mele and am so glad I chose him!


I had a breast reduction and lift at thirty years old. It has been five years since my surgery with Dr. Mele. I went from a size E to a size C. My breasts were like a size 22 and the rest of me was a size ten. (Natural boobs of course.) They removed about 3 pounds of breast tissue during my surgery. I don't even have to wear a bra now, and my breasts are perky like a teenagers. HA HA!

I had very little pain from the procedure. The recovery time was about 4 days. He is a nice doctor and explained my options well. He told me what I could expect, and I visited him as I was healing. It was worth the price.

I thought that this surgery was going to be a really big deal, but it was a piece of cake. I went on a cruise to Europe four weeks after my surgery. There was some scarring, but it really doesn't bother me. Great work Dr. Mele.


Dr. Mele - I want to thank you for a beautiful job of performing my breast surgery. I am so pleased with what you accomplished! Thank you so very much.


I have had abnormally chubby cheeks my entire life. Every member of my family shares this genetic trait. When I was younger, it was cute. It's not so cute when you're almost 40 and the volume in your upper cheeks has dissipated, which then calls attention to your way to big for my face lower cheeks. Regardless of how much I weigh, my cheeks were disproportionately large. It was my sister who discovered that buccal fat surgery was a thing... She had the procedure done when she was in early 20's and she looks great! After researching the heck out of the subject, I found Dr. Mele.

Dr. Mele is the type of surgeon who will not operate on someone unless they are a candidate. The majority of people who believe they are candidates, typically are not. I was lucky. Buccal fat surgery usually takes a month to see any difference. It has only been 7 days and I can honestly say that I am happier than I ever though I could be with the results.

I would post pictures but I am concerned about anonymity. Dr. Mele has a clear understanding of how 3 dimensional object occupy space. When the turkey neck I am also genetically predisposed to starts appearing, I will be paying Dr. Mele another visit. The staff is fantastic and Dr. Mele is a truly down to earth guy.


This is second surgery I've had with Dr. Mele in 11 years and he is still the most humble, kind, and very professional Dr. I also brought my adult Granddaughter to him for her Rhinoplasty as I knew there was no other Dr. I would have her trust to do it, and her results were perfect! Office staff as always were great, and I personally think there is no better Plastic Surgeon in the area with very fair prices for the amazing job he does!


Dr. Mele and his staff are fantastic. The results from my face lift exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Mele.


Dr. Mele is an exceptionally caring and gifted plastic surgeon.


We are so happy we wen to Dr. Mele. The entire process was wonderful. I sent a general question online and Dr. Mele responded within an hour and we had a great dialogue over email. I was contemplating otoplasty (ear pinning) surgery for my 5 year old daughter. He was very informative, non judgmental and kind. We had our consultation and pre-op appointment and then the surgery was last week. We are so happy with the results. Our daughter felt so comfortable around Dr. Mele and he is quite an artist when it comes to ear surgery. Also, the women in his office are so friendly, organized and helpful. They made our daughter feel at ease, too. I would recommend Dr. Mele to anyone. He's changed our lives and we are forever grateful!


A great, kind, gentle plastic surgeon. Dr. Mele and his staff are great!!!! He does awawesomeesome work!!! Dr. Mele made me feel comfortable and no pressure.


Dr. Mele uses only the best accreditted surgical facilities. It was a good experience. Everyone we came into contact with was polite, efficient and genuine. Timing was perfect.

If the need arises for any of the services which you offer, I'll be back.


I have been working with Dr. Mele for several years getting things fixed that pertain to aging etc. Over the years, I find Dr Mele to be very professional about his work. The quality of his work is top notch. I feel that Dr Mele stands by his work and went out of his way to accommodate me with my questions regarding healing and corrections needed to see a successful treatment. I give 5 stars because I think this is the best place you can go for treatment. He won't try to sell you anything you don't need or talk you into a procedure. Dr Mele is funny, he has a great personality and makes a person feel comfortable in discussions about treatments .. and anything else for that matter.

Highly recommended, 5 stars


Face and Neck Lift by Dr. Joseph Mele in Walnut Creek, California. A+.... excellent results... beautiful... I'm very very pleased...highly recommend him. Typical aging situation, I noticed in the mirror that my face was showing its age last year, and decided that I needed to consider a facelift and neck tightening as well. After researching on, I soon found board certified plastic surgeon Dr Mele. He explained thoroughly about neckbands and what they are, and how he could perform the best surgery for my aging face and neck, which was a corset tightening of the neck bands and a specialized vertical lifting of face to clean the jawline as well.

A+... precise and thorough. Excellent results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times


Dr. Mele is great! First plastic surgeon I've ever been to, and he made my first experience very comfortable! He answered all of my questions and concerns with educated confidence before and after my surgery. I went in to get my gaged ears closed up. First appointment was a consult, second was the surgery, third was the stitch removal, and fourth was the ear piercing! (All included in the procedure's total price.) My ears healed great and I'm so in love with them!! :)


I keep going back to Dr. Mele, even though I do have a distance to drive, because it is worth the effort. He did a major surgery on my last year with great results. Today I had a recheck and have not had any type of problems. I am very happy with the results. I also had some filler today and botox in my face. This was not my first time for fillers from Dr. Mele. He has percise skill in the areas that need some help. His manner is relaxed and caring. I never feel rushed or like just another person in the waiting room. He is comparable in pricing and honest. His staff is extremely nice too.


I went to Dr. Mele in 2005, to look into the possiblility getting breast augmentation. As mentioned in the other reviews, both he and his staff were very low key and informative. His work was very well done, and I continue to be satisfied eight years later!


Dr. Mele demonstrates outstanding surgical results, fostered and enhanced with a nurturing and considerate professional presence. The combination of his exceptional and artistic expertise is evidenced by an aesthetic result that showcases his standard of excellence and brilliance of talent. I have enjoyed the results of Dr. Mele's expertise since 2005. I recently entrusted Dr. Mele with my most apparent physical quality; my eyes. Dr. Mele performed an Upper Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

Although my expectations were supported by my complete trust in the surgical and artistic talents of this accomplished Plastic Surgeon; the results have far exceeded my confidence and anticipation of a fabulous result. Dr. Mele's genius is supported and complimented by his team of amazing staff that go above and beyond to augment a positive experience of personal care and confidence from consultation to post surgical followup.

If you are considering entrusting the substance and essence of your 'self' to a compassionate, talented, skilled, and personable Surgeon....I unequivocally recommend your consideration of Dr. Joseph Mele. My experience and the result......remain flawless.


I had pre-existing nipple piercings prior to my breast augmentation performed by Dr. Mele. I could not be more happy that I chose Dr. Mele for this. I had my piercings for 3 years prior to the procedure. Dr. Mele was awesome! He took the piercings out just prior to the procedure (while I was sedated) and put them back in immediately after (while I was still sedated). I am currently 6 months post-op, and I am absolutely thrilled. I had no complications after the procedure and the results look amazing! Thank you Dr. Mele...I am so happy I chose you!


I wanted to make sure that I commented on the excellent care that I received from Dr. Mele and his wonderful staff. I had a Full face lift with my upper and lower eye lids done. Dr. Mele is professional, kind, polite and ethical. He is highly skilled at his profession. He made me feel very safe and cared for. He has an excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering having any plastic surgery done. He is the one to see. I was taken care of every step of the process. The ladies in the office were more than generous with their time and answered any questions I had. Dr. Mele called me at home after my procedure to personally see how I was doing. He enjoys what he does and it shows. He made me look like me, just younger. (You can see my before and after photos on the website.) Not only am I completely satisfied, but everyone I know is "impressed" and " amazed" with the outcome, including me. I am so glad that I went to Dr. Mele. I definitely made the right choice.


At 66 years old I was past the recommended age for a mini facelift, but general anesthetic was not an option I wanted to consider. I interviewed several surgeons, but found Dr. Mele to be the best for several reasons. Dr. Mele listens, really listens. He pays careful attention to what you say as well as what you don't say. He discusses the procedure's pros and cons with you, taking whatever time needed to make sure there is clarity in the decision one makes. He does not use a general one size fits all approach, rather he celebrates our uniqueness and strives to satisfy individual goals. Dr. Mele pays careful attention to detail and above all, he is an excellent surgeon. Dr. Mele's staff is caring, compassionate and understanding. I am ecstatic with the results. My mini facelift is such a boost to my self-esteem. When I look in the mirror, I recognize myself. I highly recommend Dr. Mele.


After hours and hours spent on the Internet researching Doctors for a revision surgery, I decided upon Dr. Mele. I interviewed four other surgeons in Northern Calif. and one in Southern Calif. I heard different answers as to what to do. After more research I decided upon Dr. Mele. He is a wonderful person first off with a great sense of humor. That being said, we hit it off. Now on to the surgeon skills. My case was not the easiest one in the books. Dr. Mele was very precise in giving me options and suggestions. I listened very carefully to what he had to say. I did not want to jump into something to quickly but I knew I was going to take care of my problem. Well. I did and I am very happy. His work is wonderful. I am extremely pleased with my results. His staff is fantastic too. Very calm and not pushy about payments or signing anything right away. Dr. Mele communicated with me extensively via phone and email. My consultation and post op were very through. He is a true professional My experience from start to finish was ethical yet easy going. He spent an extra amount of time with me and explained things to me in terms I could understand. I never felt rushed, because I wasn't. Today I am glad I chose Dr. Mele. I made the correct decision. I was never nervous with him either. Excellent outcome!!


Dr. Mele was referred to me by another patient of his. I am so thankful! After my consultation I knew he was the right surgeon for me! This is my second surgery with Dr. Mele. I love the results that I have seen so far after surgery. It is exactly what I wanted and couldn't ask for more. Dr. Mele and his staff rise beyond professionalism. They are courteous, attentive and thorough in the explanation and details needed to allow me to make the proper decisions. I highly recommend Dr. Mele!


Dr. Mele is an amazing plastic surgeon. I chose him after hearing at least two other plastic surgeons (retired) say that he was the best. That's no lie. I worried for years about having the procedure done, since I had seen the scars left on a friend who had a tummy tuck. My scar is almost invisible -- and with a few more laser treatments I suspect it will be even more unobtrusive. When I commented on this, he told me that he "does his own closing" since "you are paying for how it looks." He takes real pride in his work. The office staff is also wonderful -- responsive and friendly. I can't say enough nice things about this office and Dr. Mele.

Scores: Straight A's
Overall A
Availability A
Office Environment A
Punctuality A
Staff Friendliness A
Bedside Manner A
Communication A
Effectiveness of Treatment A
Billing and Administration A


Dear Dr. Mele
I want to thank you very much for everything you did for my partner. It meant a lot to both of us.
We believe there are doctors who go above and beyond, and you top that list!
You were very kind to loan your time and talents to putting us at ease, and we thank Marsha too! She is so sweet!


Dear Dr. Mele

Thank you for your professional and proficient closure for Mohs. The reults appear excellent. You are a very good doctor. Thanks for your attention.


Came to Dr. Mele six years ago. Did Transconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty, with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation in my early thirties, very happy. Doing Botox and Perlane approximately once a year, considering upper eyelid partial blepharoplasty. Dr. Mele is knowledgeable, professional, friendly person. Office ladies are great: Marsha, Rebecca.

I've had an unpleasant experience with another Walnut Creek Dr. /dermatologist with Botox procedure... not going to experiment anymore. I'd rather wait when Dr. Mele is available!


I am so happy with my experience with Dr Mele. His staff are fantastic, pleasant and helpful, and discreet when needed. Dr Mele is kind, encouraging, and made me feel comfortable. I had fairly major reconstructive work done (no, not boobies!) and am very satisfied with the outcome. I was realistic, knew the potential complications, and followed the treatment plan.

Being a good patient is as important as having a good doctor to have a great outcome. I recommend Dr Mele without reservation.


Dr. Mele gave me a fantastic lip augmentation. He is personable, caring, meticulous, and has a great deal of technical skill. Spent a lot of time listening to my concerns and explaining the procedure. Price is very reasonable as well. I like that the office decor and the staff is refreshingly unpretentious for a plastic surgery office. I highly recommend!


This doctor is awesome! He is a great surgeon and I can't wait to have my surgery. I'm so very excited and OI feel completely safe with him being my doctor.

He is very kind and goes over everything about the procedure. I highly recommend him for any plastic and reconstructive surgery!!

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