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Gynecomastia Reduction (Male Reduction Mammoplasty) Before & After Photo Gallery

Reasons For Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Reduction)

Breast Reduction for Men is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for men and is by far the most requested procedure for young men. Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery is commonly requested because men are uncomfortable with excess breast tissue. Gynecomastia, often referred to as “man boobs,” is a source of embarrassment for young and adult men alike. Most patients with gynecomastia avoid going shirtless even in socially acceptable situations, and they often try to hide their chest by wearing loose-fitting shirts with patterns and layering.

While a Breast Lift is always performed as part of the Female Breast Reduction, it is unusual for men. This is because the volume of breast tissue removed for men on average is substantially smaller than that removed for women. As a result, the skin holds up and breast ptosis (sagging) is rarely seen after the majority of Gynecomastia Reductions. But like any good rule, there are exceptions. Several exceptions to the rule are illustrated below, including gynecomastia reduction in an older man and a breast reduction after massive weight loss.

Areola Reduction is also rare for men because the male areolae rarely stretch as much as women's. For men, the preoperatively enlarged areolae will usually shrink after the breast tissue causing the enlargement is removed, but exceptions exist. The downside to Areola Reduction is the scar that runs around the periphery of the pigmented skin. For borderline cases, I often recommend waiting until after the breast reduction surgery has completely healed and areolae have had a chance to recoil. If the areolae are still judged to be too large, Areolar Reduction can be performed later.

There are several techniques for Gynecomastia Reduction, and which to use depends on the size and shape of breasts being reduced. Most reductions utilize a combination of liposuction and direct excision of the tough glandular tissue. Liposuction is performed through small incisions in the armpit or under the nipple. Direct excision is performed via a circumareolar incision running from 4 to 8 o'clock along the lower edge of the areolae.

Below, you can see several examples of Male Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures along with a discussion of each case. Additional details regarding the types of Gynecomastia Reduction can be found on our Gynecomastia Reduction Page.

Male Breast Reductions rarely qualify for insurance coverage, even large reductions. If you are wondering if your insurance will cover your Gynecomastia Reduction, be certain to check with your insurance company directly, and find out what conditions apply.

Gynecomastia Reduction (Male Reduction Mammoplasty)
Before and After Photos

Above, is a gallery of Male Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures. These are of actual patients who have had their plastic surgery by Dr. Joseph Mele, MD, FACS, at our San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgery center. While our Gynecomastia Mammoplasty Before and After Photos were selected to demonstrate a variety of problems and outcomes, individual results will vary.

What To Look For In Gynecomastia Reduction Before And After Photos

What can Male Breast Reduction do for you? It reduces the size of the male chest and decreases the projection, and if needed, the width of the chest. Gynecomastia Reduction can help reveal the masculine shape of the underlying pectoralis major muscles and remove the stigma of having enlarged male breasts. Below are selected Gynecomastia Mammaplasty Before and After Photos that demonstrate the excellent results that are possible.

Gynecomastia Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 1 - Gynecomastia Reduction For Breast Hypertrophy

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Photos: The primary goal of Gynecomastia Reduction is to flatten the chest and reflect a male appearance. In this case, his breast tissue developed significantly during puberty. It has completely feminized his chest, obscuring the contours of the underlying pectoralis muscle and projecting both forward (Anteriorly) and sideways (laterally). He presented on a hot summer day, wearing several shirts and a hoodie to hide his embarrassment. His enlarged breasts were also awkward in the locker room.

Before: This patient was unhappy with the size of his breasts and areolae. Both are disproportionately enlarged. He has no skin laxity and excellent skin tone.

After: The breast tissue was removed via a two-pronged approach. First, small incisions were made in the axilla (arm pits) and under the outer breast to allow for criss-crossing Liposuction of the chest. This allowed for maximal removal with the smallest risk of contour irregularities. Liposuction is excellent for removing soft fatty tissue, but it cannot reliably remove the tough glandular tissue. Second, an incision was made around the lower border of the areolae for direct excision of the firmer breast tissue located behind the nipples. This combination of liposuction and direct excision is the workhorse of Gynecomastia Reduction and the most common approach for gynecomastia when the skin is not redundant.

Male Breast Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 2 - Puffy Nipples

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photos: Sometimes gynecomastia is isolated to a bud of tissue beneath the nipple/areola complex. These are termed Puffy Nipples and can occur on men and women. They can be an isolated feature or part of a tubular breast deformity. While the above buds are natural, this type of breast tissue development can also form with steroid use.

Before: The patient's chest is fairly normal, except for puffy nipples. A more limited approach is used in these cases. A periareolar incision is made from 4 to 8 o'clock, along the lower edge of the areolae, and the firm, rubbery breast tissue is excised directly. Liposuction is not usually needed as the deformity is localized to the area beneath the nipples.

After: The protuberant breast tissue was excised directly, quickly flattening his puffy nipples. In this case, the areolae were not directly reduced. They shrink automatically as the stuffing behind them is removed. He wore tight golf shirt comfortably to his first postoperative visit and returned to normal physical activity in a few weeks - pain and puffy nipple free.

Gynecomastia Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 3 - Size & Shape Matters

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Photos

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Photos: Improvements in both size and shape are possible with Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery. Normal male chest skin wants to tighten, so when the excess breast tissue and fat are removed from the breasts, the skin will often shrink to shape of the underlying chest wall. When the skin is loose or redundant, skin resection may also be necessary.

Before: In the case above, he complained about man boobs. His breasts were asymmetrical and too large for a male chest. The right breast was larger, and the right nipple lower prior to surgery. Also, the stretching of the skin enlarged and lightened his areolae.

After: Male Breast Reduction Surgery removes excess breast tissue and fat. A combination of liposuction and glandular excision was used to contour and masculinize the chest. This skin cooperated, and he was left with a tight result with just one small incision in each armpit and one along the lower edge of his areolae. Areolar reduction was not performed, as they shrunk naturally with the breast reduction surgery.

Male Breast Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 4 - Bodybuilder

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photos: Sometimes Gynecomastia Reduction is the icing on the cake. This body builder already had a great chest. Unfortunately, a little gynecomastia obscured the contour of his lower chest, giving him a droopy nipple. Selective reduction of the disproportionate glandular tissue beneath the nipples was enough to reveal all his hard work.

Before: This patient complained of an inability to lose the last bit of "fat" beneath his nipples. The tissue was glandular, and short of surgery, it was not going to go away. It became even more obvious when he leaned out for competitions.

After: The excess glandular tissue was removed via an incision around the areolae. The after photo reveals his exceptional muscle development. He is much happier and more confident with his new chest.

Gynecomastia Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 5 - Asymmetry Correction

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Photos

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Photos: In this case, the patient has much more gynecomastia development in his left breast. The left breast is not only larger than the right, but the areola is also larger and lower due to the extra breast tissue. It is hard to see from the front view, but the left nipple also stuck out much further on the left side.

Before: This patient was unhappy with his asymmetrical chest. Gynecomastia Reduction was performed on both sides to treat the puffy nipple on the right, but the majority of the glandular tissue was removed from the left.

After: His chest is smaller and the excess projection on the left side is corrected. Nothing was done to the nipples specifically; however, removing the extra breast tissue allowed the skin to recoil, lifting the nipple and shrinking the areola. He is much happier with smaller, matching breasts.

Male Breast Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 6 - Skin Excision (IMF Approach)

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Photos: The medical term for sagging breasts is ptosis. In this case, the patient's nipples were located at their respective Inframammary Fold (IMF). He also has a substantial amount of breast tissue to remove and less skin elasticity. Simply removing the gynecomastia, without tightening the skin, would have left him with deflated sagging breasts.

Before: With poor skin tone, low nipples and a lot of breast tissue to remove, this Male Breast Reduction patient was likely to have a poor result with regular gynecomastia resection. The skin would likely collapse and fold over the IMF, leaving him with an unwanted contour and continuing fullness after surgery. Fortunately, he was not opposed to a scar placed in the IMF.

After: This Male Breast Reduction included liposuction, removal of the breast tissue and reduction of the skin between the IMF and the nipples. The scar is located in this patient's IMFs. There is no scar around the nipples, as the breast tissue was removed via the IMF incisions.

Gynecomastia Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 7 - Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Photos

Gynecomastia Reduction Before and After Photos: Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery poses unique problems, not the least of which is the poor quality of the redundant skin. This patient has lost a massive amount of weight but remains unhappy with his appearance. He complained of pain while exercising caused by the excess skin on his chest and abdomen.

Before: This patient was unhappy with the excess skin left on his body after weight loss. His appearance was affected in and out of clothes, and after all his hard work, he wanted to feel better in his own skin. Preoperatively, his chest skin is redundant. His nipples are well below his IMFs, and the areolae have not shrunk with weight loss. Correction of these issues requires a special gynecomastia reduction operation.

After: This Gynecomastia Reduction included removing the nipples and placing them higher on the chest as "free" nipple grafts. He also had direct excision of the redundant skin on his lower chest, which included the skin that used to hold his nipples. A Tummy Tuck was also performed to tighten his abdominal skin. The result is a smooth tight chest and abdomen that allows him freedom of movement without pain. The scars are placed around the nipples, at the IMFs and below the beltline. The areolae were reduced prior to being grafted.

More Gynecomastia Reduction Information

Schedule a personal and private consultation appointment for Gynecomastia Reduction by calling our Walnut Creek Gynecomastia Reduction clinic at (925) 943-6353. More information about Male Breast Reduction is available on our comprehensive Gynecomastia Reduction Page, but nothing can substitute for an in-person consultation appointment, tailored to your individual needs.

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