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San Francisco Bay Area Liposuction Video Gallery

Liposuction Video Gallery

Smart Lipo vs. Dumb Lipo - ever since the invention of Tumescent Liposuction, attempts have been made to further improve the procedure. The problem is not removing fat. Fat is soft. The real problem is loose skin.

Loose skin won't shrink to fit the new and improved contours. Loose skin folds and wrinkles and leaves surface irregularities. Loose skin is the reason Plastic Surgeons do Tummy Tucks after pregnancy rather than the much simpler Liposuction.

Skin that is elastic, gives the best Liposuction results. On average, a well selected Tumescent Liposuction patient's skin will shrink from 5% to 30% after the removal of the underlying disproportionate fat. The same range of skin shrinkage is seen with ultrasound and laser assisted liposuction. Unfortunately, the addition of ultrasound or laser energy does not significantly increase how much the skin shrinks, but what it does do is introduce the possibility of burning the skin.

The bottom line is that some people are good candidates for Liposuction, and some are not. The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for Liposuction is to consult a well trained, experienced, cosmetic plastic surgeon, and discuss your goals. Choose a Smart Liposuction Surgeon over Smart-Lipo every time.

With dieting and exercise, you cannot choose which areas the fat will leave. On the other hand, with Liposuction, you can selectively remove stubborn, disproportionate fat. Liposuction cannot replace proper diet and adequate exercise, but it can be an excellent complement.

Liposuction Videos

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Additional Liposuction Information

The decision to undergo Liposuction is a personal one. Research the procedure and learn the risks, benefits, recovery, limitations and alternatives. More importantly, research your Plastic Surgeon. Be certain they are Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. An experienced Cosmetic Surgeon will guide you to the best possible results, and help you choose the best method. The skills of the craftsman are much more important than the tools they use.

For more information about what our San Francisco Bay Area Liposuction clinic can offer you, call us at (925) 943-6353, or visit our Liposuction Page.

San Francisco Bay Area Liposuction (Liposculpture)

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